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Discover 5 Things about Morocco

| December 5, 2011

Holidays in Morocco are becoming increasingly popular as people are learning more about the country and what it has to offer. Tourists are drawn to the sunny weather as well as its unique culture and exotic cuisine. There are also many adventurous activities to partake in, such as camel riding, desert treks as well as visiting markets and bazaars – making holidays in Morocco extremely memorable experiences.


1) Moroccan camel rides

There are camel rides available throughout Morocco – you can book excursions through your hotel or head to the beach for a camel ride on the sands. Remember that pre-ordering the trip through your accommodation is more secure as the company will have been vetted by the manager and you will have also paid up front, removing the worry of being overcharged later on. However, holidays in Morocco would definitely be incomplete without a bumpy camel ride along a sunny beach or dusty Moroccan farmland.

Camel Rides

2) The local Hammams

During your holiday, you should also try and visit a traditional Hammam. These are public steam baths where people come to relax after a hard day at work. Bathing in a Hammam can give visitors great insight into the Moroccan culture and way of life as tourists are able to integrate with locals. You can find high-end Hammams at Riads and luxury hotels, which provide massages and scrubs for their guests.

3) The Moroccan cuisine

Holidays in Morocco will introduce tourists to new foods. Many dishes have been influenced by Middle Eastern, Turkish, Arabic and French cuisines – meaning that there is great mix of flavours to try during your break away. Many meals are cooked in a tradition tagine, and the staple of all meat dishes is couscous. To truly immerse yourself into the Moroccan way of life, you may want to take a cookery course during your holiday.

Moroccan Tagine

4) Sahara Desert excursions

Tourists looking for adventure during their holiday in Morocco should go on an excursion to the Sahara Desert. This can be booked through your hotel or you can even pre-order the trip before you set off. Sleeping in the Sahara Desert is magical way to spend a night – the daytime is also spectacular and can be explored by camel or 4X4. The Erg Chebbie dunes have even been used on a number of popular films.

5) The traditional Riads

Stay in a Riad to get a true taste of the Moroccan way of life. These are traditional homes which have been converted into hotels, meaning that you can marvel at authentic Moroccan architecture, including arched doorways, white marble surfaces and mosaic tiled walls, each and every day of your stay. Most Riads will also contain water fountains at the centre in their courtyard– the perfect place to relax as the sun sets. The majority of Riads are situated within the walled cities of Fes and Marrakech, meaning that you enjoy beautiful accommodation right at the heart of culturally vibrant areas.

Moroccan Hotel Interior

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