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Holiday Villas: The Information You Need to Know

| May 8, 2012

Holiday villas in the shape of renting a holiday home have been around for some time. It has grown in popularity in recent years with the increase in popularity of the Internet, as the link between holidaymakers and property owners has been bridged.

The World Wide Web has allowed property owners to list their vacation accommodation including rich media such as photos and videos and for holidaymakers the opportunity to quickly find and compare suitable accommodation. If you are thinking of a holiday villa, we have prepared a handy guide to point out what you should be looking for.

Holiday Apartments and Villas

Included Vs. not included

When researching the most suitable villa leave little for chance. The level of interior spec will vary from one villa to the next depending on a number of factors. You should expect the property to include essentials such as towels, telephone, washing machine and other basic essentials. From here on, it may vary immensely depending on the type of property, its intended use, country and region. If you find that the villa is missing a feature that it important for your party either negotiate it with the villa company or property owners or seek another property.

Get piece of mind

Booking a villa will often require a large deposit to secure your stay. The government supports two initiatives that are in place to protect your money in case the villa company experiences any financial difficulties. These fall under an ATOL and ABTA license and you will do well to book your accommodation from a service that offers both for piece of mind.


When thinking about insurance most travels will refer to travel insurance that covers personal and medical issues, however villa holiday may also require another type of insurance. During your stay, the property becomes your own holiday home and any damage falls under your responsibility. Therefore you should check whether or not your current travel insurance covers interior damage, otherwise consider taking one. Highly recommended for parties that include children.


Arriving from the airport to your accommodation is often excluded from the total price. It is your responsibility to arrange suitable commute and you should do so before hand to avoid unnecessary stress. Consult with the villa company or property owner about your options. If you are looking to explore the local area during your stay consider renting a car to limit your dependency on public transportation.

Health and safety

Because the property will differ from your own home, it might present certain health and safety challenges that you should be made aware of. When you arrive at the location you are recommended to walk the grounds around the property to ensure that there are no hazards, that the fence it up and the gates are locked. In certain regions such as France most villas will include a private swimming pool and it is your responsibility to supervise its use. Walking the grounds and overseeing the use of the pool gets even more important in parties that include small children.

Check-in and check-out times

It is essential to check the suitable times for checking in and out as these vary from one country to the next. For example, checking in to a villa in Corsica & Croatia is acceptable from 3pm while in France and Portugal it is more acceptable from 5pm until 7pm. Similarly, check-out times will also vary.

Enjoy your holiday villa!

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