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Long Haul Flights Travel Tips

| November 15, 2011

At the AirportAnyone who has ever caught a long haul flight will know that long distance travelling is not easy. You come up against many issues, including jet-lag, health issues and the constant battle to find the best price. So whether you plan to catch a flight to Bangkok or Australia there are some things that you need to keep in mind:

Connecting onward flights

Your journey may include a connecting flight, whether that is in Dubai or Amsterdam, and you should make sure that you check the time between your flights. You may not catch a flight until the next day, in which case you need to book a hotel at the airport. If you do have a break in your journey try to make a hotel booking at the same time – you may be able to save some money.  Alternative try opting for connecting flights with a minimal wait in between to shorten the overall length of your journey.

Deep vein thrombosis

This is the latest buzz phrase in the travel industry, and there are many things that you can do to stop yourself developing the condition. Although bear in mind that the problem is quite rare, especially if you are young. If you are worried then there are several ways you can prepare yourself for the flight. Always make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, as this can aggravate the problem. Similarly you should avoid drinking alcohol before or during the flight, as this can bring on dehydration. Use foot rests as much as you can to keep your legs stretched out. Try to take a brisk walk for half an hour before the flight and go for a short walks during the flight to keep your legs moving. There are several simple exercises to keep your legs moving whilst you are sat down, try rotating your ankles, pointing your heel and toe, and lifting your knees whilst seated, make sure you do this at least every hour. Try and tense your leg muscles as regularly as possible throughout the flight. You can buy elastic flight socks, which are designed to reduce the risk of DVT; these can be purchased from any chemists and should be sold in the airport. The day before your flight take a low dose of aspirin, and then try to take one a day continuing until three days after your flight.

Adjusting your body clock

People have many schemes designed to avoid jetlag, but in the end if you don’t drink alcohol, and stay awake the next day then you should avoid the worst affects.  

Finding the best prices

In the end, whether you are on a budget or not, it can sometimes be better to spend a little more money and be comfortable. As ever with flights you can find cheaper airfares, but you have to be prepared to have a bad flight. There are several airlines who have been improving their seats and the experience for long haul travellers. You will have more space, more air, more personal service and a nicer experience if you choose a more expensive carrier.

Take Extra Layers

It seems as though they can never get the temperature quite right on board your flights.  It is often too hot and at times too cold and the blanket provided is thinner than a tea towel, so therefore take some extra layers and try to regulate your own temperature.  You will also be thankful of extra layers if your flight is delayed and your stuck inside a big freezing cold airport.

What are your tips for long haul flights?

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