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Prepare for Your Backpacking Adventures

| February 22, 2012

Are you planning to take a year out after university to backpack your way around the world? With so many people choosing to delay getting a foot on the employment ladder, a once in a lifetime holiday can seem like an appealing option. Graduate jobs are scarce so why not escape overseas instead?

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It is not just a case of packing a bag and hopping on board a plane as many of you students out there may hope. Make sure you are prepared with the necessary travel insurance and compare backpacker insurance with MoneySupermarket or another reputable online company.

If you are visiting several destinations there are often specialist insurance packages which cover longer trips as well as those covering you if you are planning on working in a foreign country. Issues to consider include how easy it might be to extend your insurance if you decide to stay longer and you also need to think about the types of activities you might like to do while you are away. For example if you are going bungee jumping, certain policies will refuse to cover you for these types of extreme adventures. Do not simply go for the cheapest policy available as this is not always the most comprehensive for your travels.

Do some planning and research the places you want to visit. If they are quite exotic you might need some injections or to take tablets like malaria pills with you. Use the internet and consult your doctor to find out how soon you need to get immunisations before you venture into other countries.

Finally, when it comes to actually packing your bag, be sensible. Don’t take too much with you as you will get fed up of lugging it around if you are backpacking in several different countries. Take comfortable footwear and check what the weather will be like – you may need a waterproof or it could be bikinis on the beach every day.

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